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From Bob Worth, Go Army Homes

This time of the year is filled with Family traditions, community events, religious observances and fond memories.

As a child, every year my Family would attend church at midnight on Christmas Eve. We loved the opportunity to be together, but more importantly my brothers and I knew that two things would happen as a result of attending church.

First, Santa would only come to our house if everyone in the Family was away at church. And the second tradition would depend on our behavior during church. If we had been on our best behavior we were allowed to open one present before we went to bed.

Looking back, it seems many of my fondest memories come from those Christmas Eve celebrations. They may have been simple in form but they made a lasting impression on me.

Most Families have various traditions associated with the holidays, special Family dinners, favorite holiday programs, attending a religious service or visiting a special place.

Traditions span multiple generations and help Families connect with their past. They serve to build a sense of shared identity and help Families define and pass on their values and beliefs.

Perhaps you have some Family traditions that you grew up with, or some that you have started and are trying to pass down to your children. If you do not, it is never too late to begin a Family tradition.

Let me encourage you to take time and find a special way to build lasting memories with your Family. Traditions can be whatever you want them to be. Some Families try weekly game nights or pizza Fridays. During this holiday season, perhaps there is a special movie you can watch together or a special worship service you can attend as part of your faith tradition.

Whatever you choose, the important thing is that it is something you can do as a Family and something that will build a legacy. Do not let the busyness of the season keep you from building a foundation of unity and faith for your Family.

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