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You are in town, maybe renting, and you have been doing your own research trying to find the house that you would like to purchase. You have spent a lot of time doing it on your own. So, why should you try and find a Buyer Agent? You have done all the work!

Did you know that finding the home is the easy part. It is a little time consuming but it only involves searching the Internet, driving around and viewing homes. It probably took you a little longer because you didn”t have the information at your fingertips and you couldn’t easily access information from tax records, or how to figure out what price you should negotiate in the offer of the home you have found. Were you able to get into those homes you found? It usually takes an Agent to get into homes that are listed by a Real Estate Company. Once an Agent knows you are not represented by anyone, they will try and earn your business.

So why do you need a Buyer Agent?
They know exactly which homes are for sale and which ones can meet your requirements and desires. They can help make your search much easier, if the communication is clear between the two of you. Theyare a very important role in the home buying process. They have to have a license to do what they do. The relationship between a Real Estate Professional and a buyer should be one of mutual respect, similar objectives, and, most importantly, a written agreement which specifies the terms and conditions of the agent’s representation of YOU, the buyer.

The Realtor
a. Understands your needs and objectives
b. Is professional and dedicated to doing a good job
c. Knows the area where you want to live
d. Knows how much you can spend on a home
e. Has a valid real estate license
f. Has excellent references from other clients
g.Treats you with the respect you deserve

They are here to make sure that YOU are taken care of because the Listing Agent is looking after their client, the Seller. You do not have to pay the Agent that represents you. You just need to make sure that you can work with that person and you trust them. The Seller pays the Listing Agent the commission and out of that commission your agent will be paid for bringing an offer that turned into a contract and is now closed!
What do you have to lose? You could lose a lot if you don’t have the Professional negotiating the right price for the home you are looking at.So, when you think you can get most of the work done without the help of a Realtor, think again. The work load could be cut in half and it could be a more peaceful experience. Just let them know up front what you expect and before you know it, you will have the house of your choice, at the price you have agreed upon! Call, Your Buyer Agent, today! 

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