Foster Pet Care for Deploying Soldiers by Dakota Hubbard Fort Campbell Go Army Homes Clarksville, Tennessee

When deploying, pets are an often overlooked part of the process. When single or dual-military Soldiers deployed, they often had to ship their pets to family members or surrender their pets to animal shelters. Since 2005, there has been another option. is a non-profit agency dedicated to finding foster homes for pets while their loved ones are deployed or face other temporary hardships. They strive to place foster pets in a home similar to the ones they are being relocated from. They have foster care coordinators in all 50 states and the District of Colombia to assist Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve Soldiers. No fee is charged for providing this service, though the military pet owner is responsible for the same pet related care expenses (food, treats, grooming, veterinarian, etc.) as they would be responsible for if not deployed.

As with many volunteer programs, there is always a need for volunteers to foster pets while their loved ones deploy. You don’t have to be near a military base to volunteer, since this program helps all branches.

If you are unable to assist with fostering pets, you can also donate to the cause. is in the process of raising funds for a Military, Veterans & Pet (MVP) sanctuary in Texas near Fort Hood. The objective of the MVP facility is to “establish a country/park-like environment in the Central Texas area for our military service members, veterans, wounded heroes, miitary families and their beloved pets not only in Texas but those visiting from other states.”

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