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Whether you are looking to rent or purchase your next home, you will want to have an idea of what neighborhood to look in. Here are some of the major area surrounding the Fort Campbell community on the Tennessee side of the state line.

Outside the Gates:

Tiny Town Rd., Peacher’s Mill Rd., 101st Airborne Div. Parkway: These are the main roads that separate Fort Campbell from downtown area and main shopping destinations. So this is, understandably, a very desirable area for military families. Even now, there are some very attractive homes, both new and existing, for families to call home. This is a relatively large area and you can find homes ranging anywhere from $80,000 -300,000+. New homes generally start off at about $150,000.


This is another popular area just south of Clarksville where some very nice (and expensive) homes can be found. Although some homes can be found in the mid $100,000 price range, the sky is the limit on what can be found in this area. Much of the military families in this area use I-24 to commute to and from Fort Campbell. This is a great area for families where one spouse works on Fort Campbell and the other in Nashville.


As with many towns and cities, as you get closer to downtown, you begin to run into homes that have an older charm to them. You can still find some very nice homes in this area that have been renovated. Just outside the city center, there are some very nice homes built in the late 1800’s that are worth visiting for those with a historical sense of appeal.


This area is located outside gate 10, just west of Clarksville. Although it remains close to post, this area has a country feel to it as it is a few minutes drive away from Clarksville. Buyers that are accustomed to the niceties of nature will find this area very appealing. The homes in this area vary widely in price and features as building restrictions are more lax in rural areas.

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