Thanksgiving Soldiers, Families Remembrance By Linda Meredith, Fort Campbell Go Army Homes Clarksville, Tennessee

Thanksgiving is one of our most honored national traditions and holidays that dates back approximately 400 years to the Pilgrims.  The feast was originally established to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.  As we celebrate this holiday this year with our families and friends, we also need to reflect on and give thanks for the freedoms we have, for the prosperity we enjoy, and for the soldiers who make the sacrifices that insure this American way of life.  It is an especially difficult time of year for these thousands of soldiers who are separated by deployment and who cannot attend their families’ Thanksgiving celebrations.  It is fitting and proper that they and their families be remembered at this time for the sacrifices they make on behalf of all Americans.  It is hoped that all our soldiers and families have a safe and happy Thanksgiving wherever they may find themselves this year knowing that America sincerely appreciates their efforts.   




Linda Meredith
Fort Campbell Army Relocation Specialist

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