Wounded Warriors Get New Home By Linda Meredith, Fort Campbell Go Army Homes Clarksville, Tennessee

The opening ceremony for the Warrior Transition Battalion Complex, a new $24.6 million facility, was recently celebrated.  Replacing older barracks whose facilities were not accessible for those with severe disabilities, the new complex has been developed to offer a healing environment for wounded, ill, or injured soldiers.  The main building can house up to 206 soldiers assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion.  Attended by numerous local and military dignitaries, the remarks by Dr. Jonathan Woodson, a 101st veteran and currently Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, stated that the promise to every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine who raises their right hand to protect and defend this great nation, as well as their families, that we will do everything in our power to care for and return to full function and capability the men and women who sacrificed so much is being realized.  While doctrine states that soldiers train and fight as a team, philosophically rehabilitation and recovery have to be individualized.  Dr. Woodson called the new facility a physical manifestation of that philosophy. 




Linda Meredith
Fort Campbell Army Relocation Specialist

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